Bodegas Góngora offers the possibility of concerted guided tours to the wine cellar. It consists of a warm welcome, a historical-technical-cultural chat about the Aljarafe with all the connotations. Tartessian Epoch, Roman Domination, Arabic Domination, Seville as Port of Indians in 1492 after de Discovery of America... until nowadays.

Immediately after we go towards the bodega 126, where it is explained all concerning the production of wines and more concretely about Vino Fino elaborated according to the “criaderas” and “soleras” system.

Afterwards we go to the “Lagar” which dates from the XVI Century, where we can watch the press called “Viga de Husillo y Quintal”, which is 17 metres long and where it is explained the construction and working of the monumental press. This “Viga” exits from the year 1574 and recently has been declared between with the Bodega as National Monument.

Then we walk along the Bodegas until we arrived in the Bodega called “El Americano”, where is prepared an exquisite aperitif and a wine tasting.


The winery has different cellars with capacity until 400 pax, and 4.000 m2 of gardens, for celebrations and business meetings. The spaces we offer are as follow:

  • “Bodega El Americano”: Capacity for 300 pax (300 m2)

  • “Bodega La Esperanza”: Capacity for 100 pax (120 m2)

  • “Lagar”: Capacity for 50 pax (100 m2)

  • “Patio de la Cruz”: Capacity for 300 pax (400 m2)

  • Gardens: Capacity for 1.000 pax (4.000 m2)

In all of them is possible to have presentations, congress, business meetings, guided wine tastings, meals or dinners, etc.

Sala de Catas