Bodegas Góngora were founded in 1682. They are placed in the old country house of “Pata de Hierro”, in the village of Villanueva del Ariscal, in Seville, into the region known as Aljarafe.

Nowadays is the 7th generation of the same family which carries with the businessinherited along the centuries of experience and work in the ageing of wine.

Description of the zoneBodegas Góngora

The production zone of Seville is located in “El Aljarafe” (Arab term which means “High and noble land”).

Its height is of 160 Mts. from sea level. It is situated in straight line at 42 km. from the Atlantic coast, which together with the prevailing winds from the south-west (also called “light sea breeze” because they come from the sea), brings it its characteristic microclimate.


Some of our cellars exit since the foundation and have more than three hundred years of History, like the "Bodega 126" or the little "Bodega de Pata de Hierro", where sleeps the most ancient wines of our wine cellar.

Each wine cellar has special conditions in terms of orientation, humidity, freshness, etc. for each type of wine. So, the “Bodega 126” and the “Bodega las 70” are very good for the ageing of the “fino” and “amontillado” wines. Other wine cellars like “La Eusebia”, “El Americano” or “La Esperanza” are very good for the ageing of the “olorosos” and sweets wines.