A history that goes back to 1.682 in the village of Villanueva del Ariscal, in the old country house of “San Rafael” named as “Pata de Hierro” in honour to a white horse which was terribly admired by the grandson of the last Moorish King of Granada.

Seven generations along with the Tradition

They began working in 1.682 thanks to D. José de Góngora y Arando, who bought the old country house and decided to found a wine cellar in those installations. Is in these years when this winery achieve its importance, due to the condition of the city of Seville as Port of Indias, probably the most important city in the world in those years. All the ships to America had to leave and enter from Seville, and they had to carry, for Royal imperative, one third of the charge in wine, and consequently all the wineries around Seville became very important.

His son, D. Rafael de Góngora y Delgado, who received from the Spanish Royal House the authorisation for putting the thirteen bucklers in the shield, succeeded the founder. Already in the fourth generation, comes D. Rafael de Góngora y Dávila, who died in 1.911 after 90 years. He was the one, who at the end of the XIX Century obtained some wine shipment with old “Amontillados”, “Olorosos”, and “Dulces” wines, which have been delicately conserved along the years, only reserved for the Góngora family, conforming today the Imperial Selection of Bodegas Góngora.

The 6th generation of the family, D. José Gallego Góngora, father of the now owners, described a special style in the good management that is still present in the wine cellar. Nowadays, it is the 7th generation of Góngora family who continues with the business of the Bodegas, inherited along the centuries of experience and work in the ageing of wine. The tradition has been maintained repeating the same process of producing of wines as in the old times.

Personal en Bodegas Góngora a principios del siglo XX